4-in-a-row = MiniVisual StoryTelling

An idea born to oblige myself to really (!) pick the photos that reflect the experience / thought / adventure / holiday / story etcetera the best. ________________________________________________________ Also, it is a way to become a better photographer, so please let me know what you think, even if you think it deserves to be displayed somewhere on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. ________________________________________________________ 99% of the pics are made by me, Patrick Stastra, but I am happy to post 4-in-a-rows of any other living human being: just let me know. ________________________________________________________ Oh, yes, I know the 4-in-a-rows don't appear in a row right away, but you should see what happens when you click on them... ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ More non-4-in-a-row photos made by me: go to flickr.com/patrickstastra ________________________________________________________ Wanna get in contact: tweet me @stastra
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4-in-a-row no.38: “Swings in love - misty series 3” - 21 November 2011 (location: close to the Portugese synagogue, Amsterdam)

4-in-a-row no.37: “Misty bricks - misty series 2” - 21 November 2011 (locations: Southern church, Maritime museum, Montelbaan tower, A road close to Nemo (all Amsterdam))

4-in-a-row no.36: “Misty waters - misty series 1” - 21 November 2011 (location: all close to Waterloo square and Oudeschans in Amsterdam center)