4-in-a-row = MiniVisual StoryTelling

An idea born to oblige myself to really (!) pick the photos that reflect the experience / thought / adventure / holiday / story etcetera the best. ________________________________________________________ Also, it is a way to become a better photographer, so please let me know what you think, even if you think it deserves to be displayed somewhere on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. ________________________________________________________ 99% of the pics are made by me, Patrick Stastra, but I am happy to post 4-in-a-rows of any other living human being: just let me know. ________________________________________________________ Oh, yes, I know the 4-in-a-rows don't appear in a row right away, but you should see what happens when you click on them... ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ More non-4-in-a-row photos made by me: go to flickr.com/patrickstastra ________________________________________________________ Wanna get in contact: tweet me @stastra
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4-in-a-row no.102: “Schiermonnikoog” - the smallest of the five Wadden Islands in The Netherlands consists of 75% protected nature surrounded by one of the greatest beaches (in size & beauty) in the country. A little village in the center makes sure you can order your favorite beers, but this place is mainly here to relax…

(all pictures taken on the north side of the island in May 2013)