4-in-a-row = MiniVisual StoryTelling

An idea born to oblige myself to really (!) pick the photos that reflect the experience / thought / adventure / holiday / story etcetera the best. ________________________________________________________ Also, it is a way to become a better photographer, so please let me know what you think, even if you think it deserves to be displayed somewhere on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. ________________________________________________________ 99% of the pics are made by me, Patrick Stastra, but I am happy to post 4-in-a-rows of any other living human being: just let me know. ________________________________________________________ Oh, yes, I know the 4-in-a-rows don't appear in a row right away, but you should see what happens when you click on them... ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ More non-4-in-a-row photos made by me: go to flickr.com/patrickstastra ________________________________________________________ Wanna get in contact: tweet me @stastra
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4-in-a-row no.130: “Tea picking” - this job is only for women. They are gentle with the tea leaves. The men are too rough with the tea, but I guess too lazy might be a better description.

All pictures taken in Ella (Sri Lanka) in December 2013.

4-in-a-row no.129: “FISH!” - Sri Lankan & Maldivian dishes are full of fish. Always fresh and always good. Which types of fish are in the pictures? To be honest, don’t have a real clue, but I guess: fresh water prawns, salt water lobster, ??? & tuna….: FISH!

First three pictures taken in Sri Lanka (Mirissa) & Maldives (Malé) in December 2013.

4-in-a-row no.128: “Hostel owners in Sri Lanka” - these people were partially responsible for giving us an awesome time in Sri Lanka. Owners are from hostels in Hikkaduwa, Uda Walawe, Kandy & Jaffna.

All pictures taken in Sri Lanka in December 2013.

4-in-a-row no.127: “House of colours” - Lisbon is beautiful and it’s awesome to walk around all day long, especially in Alfama where these pictures are taken. Why aren’t more houses like this?

All pictures taken in March 2014 in Lisbon.

4-in-a-row no.126: “Kazbegi” - Georgia has everything, including mountains. Kazbegi is much colder than in Tbilisi, but the views are stunning. You can climb up 2200 meters to visit the Gergeti Trinity Church, which I would definitely recommend (or go by car, is a lot easier :)).

All pics taken end of August 2013 in the north of Georgia.

(this was the last of 11 4-in-a-rows made in the Kaukasus)

4-in-a-row no.125: “Georgian hostel owners” - on my trips, I always ask to portrait the owners of the hostel. Above are the owners of our hostel in Sighnaghi, Tbilisi, Kazbegi and Tbilisi again.

All pictures taken at the end of August 2013 in Georgia.

4-in-a-row no.124: “Sighnaghi people” - this little town (in East Georgia), is one of the most beautiful villages in the Kaukasus. It is surrounded by large churches, mountains and lots of wine and a must see on every Kaukasus trip (Sighnaghi pics click here). Above are some of the ‘older’ people of Sighnaghi, who still enjoy their little town.

All pics taken end of August 2013 in Georgia. 

4-in-a-row no.123: “Georgian wine” - not France, not Hungary, but Georgia is the country where wine has its earliest roots (at least, that’s what they say). They grow many different grapes in the south east area of the country. It’s pretty easy to arrange a driver who will bring you to every wine bottler you want to see in the neighbourhood (eehhhmm….taste). And the good thing: (most) wine is actually pretty pretty good.

All pictures taken end of August 2013 around Sighnaghi, Georgia.

4-in-a-row no.122: “Empty Yerevan carnival” - Yerevan is awesome, but not many of the locals take the trip to Victory Park, where there’s an empty fair and the biggest statue of the country: Mother Armenia (not depicted above, but check this out. We did go into some of the carnival rides, but the most frightening was to be alone in the squeaking ferris wheel, which delivered good views and high heart rates.

All pictures taken end of August 2013 in Yerevan

4-in-a-row no.121: “Sevan beach life” - Sevan lake is a big lake in central Armenia. It’s the place where the Yerevan peeps come to cool down. The lake and surrounding beaches have this awesome Russian communist feel: it’s not that clean, everything is old and cracking. But still the people are nice, there’s bbq everywhere and it’s a great place to get a gypsy feeling by living in a caravan for some nights. 

All pictures taken end of August 2013 at Lake Sevan (Armenia).

4-in-a-row no.120: “Holy people” - again all pictures taken in- or outside Armenian churches, but now the focus is on the people.

All pictures taken in Armenia, end of August 2013 (1 & 4 close to Etchmiadzin, 2 & 3 in/outside Geghard monastery).